vintage typewriter

It’s finished as it is but this piece is going to take part in a interior scene I’m doing.
Entirely done with Blender 2.72.

Very nice.
The lighting and textures may need a bit more work to make them look realistic, but great modelling.

Thank you ComputerWhiz. The lighiting will be improved when I return to complete this scene. I hope the texturing will get some better results at that time.

Very well modeled! For an antique typewriter, it looks really “clean”. Not sure if you want to grunge up some of the type arms or the front panel. I could see this in a scene with some Volume Scatter dust floating around. But this is really good work. I like!

Hey Sweenist, thanks for your advices and yes, you are right. I’ll mess it a little bit before finish the scene. Some dust is very welcomed as well and it will add a nice antique atmosphere to the scene.

Agreed, it´s a good model and the materials can be better. The textures look nice.

Very nice! I love old typewriters. :slight_smile:

Thank you juanrav, ShadowCamero. I really love old things as well.:RocknRoll:

It looks fantastic CC! I’m looking forward to seeing it put in a scene.

Thank you Frobenius :smiley: