Vinyl - Cycles Render

Hello blenderheads,

i finally finished my newest work.

i really hope you like it, i would also be happy when you would check out my blog.
When the request is there i am willing to give away my selfcreated vinyl normal map for free (4k resolution).


the vynil looks great, the grooves look very real, and the enviornment look great too, congratulations!

Everything is well done, vinyl needs reflections, badly.
Vinyl has a non written zone near the label.
I wonder how you textured this.
And, buy a better turntable, a really expensive one. LOL
OK, you can model and render one, it’s much cheaper.
Have a look here

Thanks for the feedback michalis and leon!
Can i get some more feedback? :slight_smile:

Like a vinyl listener I like it, but yeah, it need more specularity, and there is free space (well there are widely set grooves so its almost free) near label and near start of vinyl,too.
I would improve the head (or how te helll is it called), I would to add some grainy texture and make it more blacky.
And If I were you I would to choose Pro-Ject Debut III :wink: