Vinyl restoration?

My folks have a decent collection of records (I think they’re 78s) and I recently acquired a record player. It’s not a great one, it’s already attached to an amp, which only has speaker out and headphone out, and the left channel is kinda screwy. I’d like to record most of them and put them on CD, but I don’thave any decent software to remove pops and clicks.

So my questions are: where can I find a decent record player? And, is there any decent software that’s free or cheap that can automatically remove pops and clicks?

I’ve been using audacity, but it doesn’t come with any good plugins for the job, if anyone knows and decent VST plugins that are free or cheap that do the job, it would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks for the help! :smiley:

I’m a DJ and this is what I have. It sounds good for what you are doing. It plays 33’s and 45’s as well as 78’s, and also has an SPDIF out (not to mention a built in preamp.) You’ll need to buy a cartrage for it though.

If you’re going to be playing 78’s, Stanton has some stuff to say about it:

And don’t be turned down by all the DJ stuff, this is a good turntable.

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