Violence Artwork - It is my first!

This is the final render

This the viewport pic

Hi blenderers, (I don´t know if that´s how blender users call themselves?) Anyway, I’m Gaspar and this is my first post on blender artists. I am very excited to start in this community! And I do it showing my first serious artwork called “The Way We Are Born”. I actually posted it months ago on my Instagram account but I decided to post it here too.

I sculpted the models on Zbrush (some of them are from CGTrader) and then imported them in Blender and did the final render and compositing, goddam what a piece of software!

It´s meaning is related to violence and my reflection about how it is inherent to us from the moment we are born. Every part has a specific meaning, but like director Iñarritu said once “there are as many interpretations as seats in the cinema” so I´d like to see yours.

Any feedback or constructive criticism about the technical or the symbolic aspect would be really appreciated!

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We are Blenderheads. And now you are a head too.

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I’ll be curious what you say is “the meaning of each part,” after others have had time to respond.

To me this image isn’t violent, but it is both dark and symbolic. It’s got a Ray Bradbury (Something Wicked This Way Comes) feel to it: “the Devil’s own circus.” The use of light is very interesting – glowing eyes, glowing windows, and a glow beneath the two babies. Very nice use of symmetry, lighting, high-key contrast and color throughout.

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Woow thanks! c:

Thank you so much for your analysis! C: I have to read more of Ray (I’ve only watched a Farenheit 451 from Truffaut).