Violent bear attack in Sweden

So earlier today all the major newspaper reported about a man in his 40’s taking an afternoon stroll being violently attacked by a bear. The police and other authorities also made a big fuss of it and for hours, people living nearby were recommended to stay indoors a.s.o…

So now the police gives the statement; 'We no longer think the man was attacked by a bear or any other wild animal"

The man persists that his story is true. To prove the attack did happen, the newspapers were provided the following image.

And no, I am dead serious. True story - original image. And I am still laughing. ;D

Edit: And the Eurasian Brown Bear is about the size of a North American Gryzzly, 300-400 Kg’s, though the largest specimens are on par with the Kodiak Bear, almost 500 Kg’s… A bear claw grows to about 2" (5cm).

Oh no! That is silly! It looks like a kitty-cat got him! That or a felt pencil!

Either way…Sweden is definately off my visiting list.

The press here is mental beyond reason. Today they speculated it was an owl attack. And no, I’m still not kidding, hehe…

I’m actually pretty sure it was a wolverine. I got a link to a youtube clip and the injuries where more or less identical. But if so it’s still the first recorded wolverine attack in Sweden ever. But the bears here chew on a hunter or to a year, especially in the spring up north when the bears are just woken from winter hibernation… In the south there’s no bears, just elks being hit by trains. ;D

Oh my gosh!
He needs medical attention!, a very very professional help :smiley: