Violet bathroom

My latest bathroom renders done in blender 2.70 with Cycles.
Waitin for your comments.


Very nice work!
I have some critique if you are interested:

  1. There are places that are too bright - toilet, washbasin - you can correct that easily in postprocess
  2. The chrome material on the basin mixer is too glossy - you should make the glossy color more grey than white
  3. The window frame could have some extra detail - at least a handle
  4. The walls reflect also quite a lot of light - it doesn’t look realistic - but I understand that somone likes this bright look
  5. I would expect to see something behind the window - tree, sky or whatever. It is more natural…

I have a question: The camera is obviously placed outside of the room. How did you make the wall invisible for the camera?

Thanks for all your comment.
This is first constructive critique of my work on this community. I really appreciate it.

Answer for your question is quite simple. Camera is outside of the room. I’ve made the wall in front of a camera as a separate object. In the properties panel of that wall, in object settings -> ray visability i unchecked Camera. This way camera doest’n see that wall directly, but it is calculated in light baunces of the interior.

Yep, I know this trick but don’t like it very much because it is not very practical for larger scenes with many cameras. You allways have to remember to what to turn on and off. But there are not many better ways to do it in cycles.

I like that, not overdone !