Really great! Bravo Lucas!


It’s real nice and beautiful! :yes: Well done!

terrific job - can I have her number?

man that`s so sweeeeet :smiley:
it reminds me of a sculp i did 2 years ago, also a punk girl based on a friend :slight_smile:
you can check in my gallery if you want

Beyond superb, an excellent finish to a very interesting and well-documented project.

O_o Wow… Exceptional work

Amazing! Rig that and go Pixar.

That’s killer!
But I think there’s a bit too much purple, so she’s fading into the background. It might look better if the key light was white/yellow so that she ‘pops’ a little, and reveals more detail in her face.

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

can someone please link to the WIP?

I really love this… great work. Wonderfully nuanced pose!

Here is the concept art of Larissa.

Wow Luke, that’s one my of favorite characters models I’ve ever seen.

Wow that is something really nice to hear. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You nailed it man. It was very interesting to watch this develop in wip and the final results is just WOW.

I’m glad you like, thanks for all comments and feedback on the W.I.P. thread.

sounds good! :slight_smile:

cekuhnen, hmmm… I will ask if she would like to give her number to you. :wink:


hello :), AMAZING render!! hey I was wondering, was it rendered with cycles? if yes, can you share the material setup for the glossyness and all? I need to have a diferent perspective on that. if you can it’ll be much apreciated :slight_smile:


Yeah seriously, I think I may have a crush on her.

As others have mentioned, her T-shirt is rockin. Just adding my congrats to the list. Well done. I love the top row. The mods are doing a great job keeping us up with what is new. Thanks guys.

Fantastic Pose! Silhouettes are great one small thing her screen left foot is planted on the ground, and that breaks her leg silhouette in a less attractive way (you got ALL the other shapes and forms perfectly!! even the hands, which I think is often posed in an ugly way, the way you posed her hands is superb). Just that tiny tilt I’m missing from her screen left foot.

Bravo again.