violin and trumpet

Hi all!

I thought I’d post this wip here, as some of my inspiration came from here.


hey that looks great!!

very good!
i would replace the spot lamp with a sun lamp, to make it look less staged

the lighting needs to be brighter

Thanks all!

A few shots at different angles. Not sure about the composition yet.


i know i’m asking a little bit too much, but could you please share the technique you used for modelling the…uhm…i don’t know what they call it…the last segment of the violin’s neck, the one shaped as a snails shell

Great modeling. Nice job!

I had some random ideas for the composition: a scene where the violin and trumpet have (presumably) been just set down after a long practice/recording/songwriting session… a series of panels which describe the passage of time. You could show where the instrument(s) sit in the musicians home over the course of the musicians life. Or, you could create a series of album art images over the course of the musician(s) professional career (using the violin and trumpet as a central theme). Or, perhaps a scene with many of the musicians albums (tapes, records, cds) laid out on a table/display with the “actual” trumpet/violin on the table as well. Anyways, I hope I gave you some inspiration.

use AO and at least ten samples per ray traced light and this image should pop, it looks great so far.

Cantrem: The top part is called The scroll, but I’ve just seen your own violin, so you allready know how to do that part. Very good by the way.:slight_smile:

JO9: Thank you very much for the input. I really appreciate it and I’ll definitely use your ideas.:slight_smile:

Skateboardkid: Thank you for pointing this out. I have an issue with lighting, so I’ll try to do as you suggest:)

(Didn’t think anybody saw this post anymore - so, thank you all)

chapel, unfortunatly not. i found a “google schetch” violin, imported the scroll (which looked aweful), deleted all but the outline edges, made them look better and constructed the scroll after them. so getting the basic curly shape is still a mistery to me (i mean, yea, i can do it by hand using some stock photos as models, but still…)