Violin Case

Looking for improvements…

very nice texture for the inside of the case, may I ask how you did that? Awesome modelling too!
AS for improvements, the case itself needs smoother curves, the gun needs better materials (scratches, different plastics / metal…), lighting could be improved too, and and HDRI for reflections?
is the picture croped? If no, the framing isn’t great! Try to set something up to add a funny or dramatic touch to the picture, for example a photograph of the hitman’s target? in any case try to think of a good composition without caring if it’s going to showcase the modeling and texturing work, that’s the best way to achieve an interesting picture!
Looking forward to the result!

Thanks for the advise. Will take it all into consideration.
I did try to add scratch marks to the gun but gave up in the end. I’ll find out more about that and try again.
The texture inside was just an image texture, I added a velvet modifier to it for a more realistic ripple effect.
Will be working on it some more!

I are you trying to say in this image?? music is bad? I don’t get it. but it is creative I have to admit.
as an artwork it is definitly need more work. from the lighting and to the materials. the inside case material looks good by the way.

Some criminals put guns inside violin cases like this to transport weapons, at least in some cartoons, that is the reason of the weapon in a violin cases, not art.