Violin Model

Hello everyone, I work on game scenes and props in an outsourcing workshop for a living, in my spare time I always search for props that interests me. Unfortunately I am not very productive since my daily work occupies most of my time. For this violin, I saw it by chance, the fascinating structure of the model and the special texture of the wood instantly attracted me, which led to the decision to make a 3D model of it by myself. I went through a lot of videos and photos of violins in real life before making the model and textures, so that I could better understand its structure to eventually recreate its texture accurately and elegantly. Hope you all enjoy my work, thanks! Model by Blender Texture and Rendering use SP。


Very impressive work, you’ve done an excellent job both from an artistic standpoint and a technical one. Your materials are also perfect


As a violinist I can say this is among the best if not the best violin models I have seen.


One thing that could enhance the realism would be a light dusting of rosin powder around the bridge, and on the strings also near the bridge.

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thank you for liking my work


Thank you for your pointers. Indeed, as you said, I dealt with the material of the strings somewhat too simple and not delicate enough.

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Beautiful Job!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I can almost hear the sounds of the violin looking at this beautiful model.

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Awesome job, really top shelf stuff.

I previously modeled some classical instruments “for fun”, so, I can appreciate the effort involved.

One thing that did stick out (and I would assume is a relatively simple enhancement), is the thickness of the strings. Making the E and A slightly thinner would add a whole new level of realism. And typically, they’re not “coiled”, but I haven’t touched mine for ages, so, maybe I’m just out of touch with the latest tech.

Would you mind sharing how you managed the topology? Especially for the scroll to neck part.

Again, great work.

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Thank you for liking my work. Really appreciate it, I’m flattered.

Thanks for your comments, very constructive. It appears that I indeed lack of the professional knowledge upon the instruments and ignored the variety thickness of these strings, again thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the topology screen snap for the scroll to neck part for your reference. I made this high-res model with some of the structures were made after the apply modifier hence the topology may look a bit complicated.


Thanks for sharing that.
I think the complexity is unavoidable (mine was worse), because making violins (or any viols) is actually complicated and somewhat organic carpentry.

And seeing the relatively simple geometry, really shows how good your texturing is!

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Looks amazing, a Blendervarius I guess :smiley:
Got me thinking, I rarely see instrumental renders here on BA. I should probably get back working on my guitar model :slight_smile: