Violin scene

This render have 1000 samples in cycles, (blender 2.9) :point_up_2:

Is a render the 41 samples in cycles (blender 2.9).
I use sketchfab for the scene.

I accept opinions and criticisms.


Looks pretty good!
I like the sun reflections. Very cinematic:)
There are a few thing I think need adjustments:
the bump on the table (I think itโ€™s a table) seem a bit too strong and too big. You might need to adjust the scale.
The page with notes seems to be hovering. Also, the print is cut in the middle and it looks like the person that printed it out didnโ€™t set the printer correctly :stuck_out_tongue:
The chin-rest thing (that thing on the violin that you rest your chin on) looks like it could cut the skin. Making the edge less sharp would make it a bit better. It would also let it catch some nice reflections too.
Some textures seem to be of much less quality (lacking resolution). With a render that focuses on the detail that can ruin the whole image especially if there are other, much sharper ones(like the page with notes or the 8 ball).
I would work a little bit more on the composition as well. You cut the very end on the instrument without any particular reason, the 8 ball is a bit out of place and the pencil would probably be closer to the page with notes. Maybe you could add some mark there too, to add a bit of a story?
Anyway, it`s a pretty cool looking image!
PS. Try the denoiser next time. You will probably render with 128 samples and end up with the same looking image!

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Hello, thank you very much for your advice, I will take it into account, about the rendering I will try to increase the resolution a little and the noise I am trying to eliminate as much as I can but at the moment I could not (that has been my problem) and I will try to reduce the number of samples .

  Regarding what appears on the sheet, the idea was to place the print like this (but it is true that it seems to be floating). and in the scene it is true that I must correct the scale and position of the objects. Thank you very much for your comment.

I really appreciate your comment.

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