I’ve modeled this one with Nurbs using MoI, rendered with Blender Internal engine.
Some post processing to adjust color, contrasts and tweaks.




very well modeled - nice texturing too

just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to model?

Looks really good, great texturing and modelling!
But, if you use indigo it would really improve it!

Thanks for the comments!

blndr08: Since it was a spare time project it’s hard to say, more than half of the time was spent on the head.

Photoguy: Thanks for the tip, Indigo looks indeed interesting but I wish to learn more in blender before learning other apps.

It’s beautiful. :^) Great materials too!

there is one thing i noticed…the metal bit that holds the chinrest to the rest of the violin should have a few holes in each “pole” so you can make it tighter

other than that, really great work

the only thing you really need to learn about indigo is how to use the Blendigo exporter - a tutorial on how to install and use it can be found at indigo’s website:

sorry if you already knew this :stuck_out_tongue:

Try YafRay first before you go and use Indigo.
So do you own one or did you use scale drawings and or reference images.

This is really great work. Congratultaions!

Very good modeling :), the lighting and texturing is good too.

The background is a bit plain, but I guess that’s to show off the violin.

Good job!

Love the modeling and texturing. Amazing accuracy :eek:


Thanks for looking and your comments!

Ha! Good observation!

Thanks for pointing this out, I will look into it…

I have tried Yafray a couple of time but got discouraged because my lightning references was all wrong.
I imagine I have to use it instead of BI and tweak my light according it.

I used reference photos.



why does it have lighter blotch near the f holes? it looks like it’s being refinished or something…

This is one of the better violin projects I’ve seen. A few comments:

  • The thickness of the strings should not be the same (i.e. G > D > A > E). The thickness you’ve got there is more like ‘G’, although in the second picture they look way too thick.
  • What sized violin are you aiming for? 4/4 (fullsize) or some other size? Some of the aspects look a bit thicker than they would for a fullsize (well at least in comparison to the 2 I have)
  • Colour-wise, it looks a bit too plain (close to cheap-desk wood-colour). A bit of gloss would be nice there (and some colour variation).
  • That chin-rest looks like one of those awfully uncomfortable ones (just look at the contorted contour of that thing)
  • What? no fine tuners anywhere? Not even on the E (though it seems Menuhin didn’t have one on his)…

([DipABRSM, LTCL distinction]-Violin Performance)

I can only agree with Photoguy. The average render doesn’t do your fantastic model and textures justice. You should really run this one through Indigo and you’d get a perfectly photo-realistic image. As blndr08 said, Indigo is so well integrated into Blender by now, it hardly takes any effort to learn. In any case, the settings are a great deal simpler than Yafray’s. And you can easily get help from the Indigo forum.

the power and beauty of nurbs… fantastic !

It’s the fretboard’s edge reflection.


Because they were so small at this scale I made the strings larger.

You really know about violins, thanks for the detailed suggestions!

For specific industrial-type projects I find nurbs quite effective, working with profiles curves and relying heavily on boolean operations.

This project could have been done in blender all the same, I am just not experienced enough in polygonal modeling to do so.




Beautiful model–now it needs a scene to complement it!

Did you try Ambient Occlusion with your current light setup?

You know, i have to disagree with some people about using the Indigo renderer, yes ofcourse you CAN use it for a perfectly realistic result, but everyone knows that you can get pretty close with B.I if you tweak it long enough, and if not, well realistic doesn’t always mean better.
You should never be put off from learning how to light aswell as possible, and B.I will teach you this.
Great model, really great.