I think many people make some musical instrument, mostly guitar :). So I desided to make a modern violin. It is only beginning right now.


I think its time to start adding materials :slight_smile:


I aint ganna lie I don’t know jack about violins, but I think it looks good. Can you post some colse ups like mainly around the neck and tuner just to see how you brought that togeather.

Here it is. I must admit that it is little bit faked, because It will not be seen wery well later. :slight_smile:


Like I said before I don’t know violins, however, does the reed, or what ever the peice holding the strings off the neck is called, not have groves to hold the strings in place?

Hahaa, I don’t know violins either, and I have only one reference picture so I have no idea, should they or not. :slight_smile:

Only 2 pegs? That is something you should fix.

4 machine heads is correct, and the nut does have grooves for the strings.
And a simple google image search for violin should give a lot more than one result.

Thanx to you all :). Like I said before, It will not be seen wery well later. However I made some corrections.


lookin great keep it up.

Plug close up.


beautifull design :slight_smile:

Red or black? That is question…


I would say red. It looks nice with the black touch on the few parts. I really like the design too.

When I first saw this I thought it was a violin crossbow. I guess that could be a project for another day :wink: