Here is a model of a violin I made, not much to say so I’ll jump to the pictures. The render is rushed, and not that great, but the model is the focus. let me know what you think and let me know what I can improve!

BTW I thought I’d mention I’m new the forum, i made the account a while ago, but never really used it.

Looks really nice. Am not too familiar with Violins myself (not a violinist),but from what I can tell, seems to be a good amount of detail. would be nice to see a full render with materials/textures. But I’d say, good job!

It looks good but is missing the chin rest, and the bridge seems a bit high up (compared to my violin).

It looks so awesome! Kinda looks like my violin! :slight_smile:

nice, but the tailpiece looks too thick to me.
(edit) also, the bridge is a bit on the small side.
(edit) also, the fingerboard is at too flat of an angle. it should rise more toward the bridge.