I started working on this last night after watching a time lapse of another person making a violin. It helped that I happened to have a violin sitting around. I think I’m finished with the modeling. Just need to texture now.

More pictures here:

looks good but it could use a chinrest.

I suppose it could use a chin rest but I was afraid to try to make one. I’ll give it a try though.

well if you made the scroll the chinrest can’t be too hard by comparison

You have a great start on this project. Are you planning on creating a full scene with this model?

Yes, I will try to make a full scene with the violin in it but not in the near future.

I modeled the chin rest. It looks somewhat like a chin rest but the topology is horrible. There’s loops spiraling all over or crossing over themselves, but I guess its a good start.

Uploaded to p3D so you can see the model from whatever angle you like:

I had to make it a little lower poly so that it would actually upload.

the chinrest looks good to me. if I might leap ahead to the texturing, I would like to suggest this: on a well played violin, near the bridge, there will be bow rosin all over the place. also on the strings in that area. you could do this with regular texture mapping, but better, imo, would be to use multiple materials, and combine them with nodes. there is a brief tut on how to set up the nodes for this in my signature.
(edit) just looking at my violin I noticed that the rosin is most visible on the fingerboard near the bridge ( white on black )

I’ll keep that in mind but first I need to find a decent texture (or make one). Right now I just projected a picture of the back of a violin onto my model and it’s not working very well. I think this will be a great opportunity to brush up on texturing because I’ve been trying to avoid it where I can.

that looks really impressive. Now for some texturing… it could be awesome!

the back and front should look very different as far as the grain. you could try taking pictures of some wood stock and then tinting them for the base textures. then there is the thin black line that usually runs adjacent to the outer edge of the top and bottom. you could make that using vector curves and rendering them in ortho mode with an alpha channel.

First I just experimented with some basic colors:

then I tried using a picture of the back of a violin as a texture:

and then I tried mimicking the texture on my violin with a simple texture I made:

For the black line along the edges, I just added some edge loops and colored them black. I should probably take your advice and add that in the texture to save a few faces.

not to pick, but the grain points in the other direction on the top.

Small update:
I unwrapped the body and the scroll and neck. There’s some distortion around the f holes though.