Working on a physically accurate violin model. Patterned after my own instrument.

Textured Render (a bit dark)

Clay Render

Please post ANY thoughts, crits, artistic ideas. I’m willing to take this project in any direction from here! :eyebrowlift:

I’m trying to decide what node setup to use for the body material.
Currently using A mix glossy and diffuse by layerweight, with a very small displacement from a generated normal map. This just isn’t giving anywhere near the look I’m going for, though.
I need a solution that includes long grooves while still working off of the painted texture. I might generate some noise and scale it up 1000x on the X axis, then combine and run a high pass over it. I might use that with a color ramp node to mix the glossy and diffuse shaders. That’s as close as I can come to my breakdown of the real surface. I’ll post those results tomorrow.

I found a way to use the anisitropic shader and stretched noise to mimic wound thread. Also, the fresnel component is turning out better than expected.