Viragus Battlecruiser

Hi All,

First of all I wish everyone a prosperous 2009!

You may remember me as “ernels” from the old Elysiun forums (I keep trying to retrieve the password for that username but was unsuccessful so I registered a new one).

I just wished to share my entry to the Battlecruiser contest here: I finished this today.

I used Blender 2.48a, Gimp, Artweaver, and Irfanview for this project. If there were other Blenderheads in the contest please let me know your thread.

Thanks for looking!

Yeee Gods! its a BFG thats for sure! lol, I think you would have to have the engines at full power when you fire the thing tho :wink:

Very nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks. Lost a few days sleep on it to make the deadline because I entered it late, then I found out they extended the deadline today :frowning:

I hope I represented Blender well as most of them I think are using top dollar software.