I wanted to learn more about blender’s internal rendering engine and get acquainted with nodes.

So, using this tutorial as a reference, I played around and came up with this final image.

Link to HD:


Now I’m sad to say it wasn’t all smooth sailing :frowning:

I ran into a problem that when I put my render in the compositor it would lose anti-aliasing :mad:

As shown here: Left before compositor Right once it’s put into the compositor (No altering nodes added)

Now I did manage to get around it by taking the pre-composite image and plugging it into the image input of the defocus node as shown below.

Although this did get me past my problem I would love to know why it did what it did if anyone knows.

Did you try the ‘‘Full Sample’’ buttom under the Scene tab??
It says that it solves anti aliasing problems with composition:eek:

Yeah, I did use it. :frowning:

No way! I have done a scene like this too. I swear this happens to me a lot. I like the material you have on them, I just can’t quite work it out. is it a glassy material? reflecting on itself?

Yeah. it’s just a basic glass material. Here’s the blend file if you’d like to take a look.virus5.blend (714 KB)

I like you’re materials as well. They look like they’re under a Scanning Electron Microscope.

When using FSA, you have to reread the saved sample buffers for the anti-aliasing to take effect whenever any nodes has been modified, press Shift-R or use the menu, Node->Read Full Sample Layers.

Just tried Shift-R and it made it a little better but still didn’t get it even close to the pre-compositing image. :frowning:

After some more playing I seem to have got it working.

Thanks for the help!

Here’s the Final Render after getting the anit-aliasing working right so the colors are much better.

HD Link:


Very nice! As a Blender n00b, I’m looking forward to learning how to make such a nice looking virus. Thanks for letting me follow along with your work.