Vireport performance.

Hi folks.

Does anyone know if there is any work going on to improve the view port windows performance? I’m finding a few hundred fairly simple meshs make the view port chunder even in Solid view. Yes I can break a scene over layers, but that’s not ideal when everything is kind of interconnected by being in the same scene!

I’m running a 3770i processor with a GTX780, which I know isn’t quite today’s heavy workstation spec, but it’s not that bad. Is it?

Short answer, Yes. Blender 2.8 is reworking a few things, and viewport is one of the key parts. Part of the update is to migrate to newer versions of OpenGL.

I have R9 290x and similar performance is not where it should be in the viewport. That is unfortunately a known issue. Problem is that there isn’t that much funding of Blender institute to have enough people to work on coding.

One way is to support blenders development through Their official site. I supported them for nearly 2 years in the past. Will probably do that again.

Another way is to get someone with knowledge of OpenGL programming to assist the Blender developers.

Either way we are all keen to see measurable improvements in the viewport rendering. But at the same time we have to accept that it will take time due to lack of funds and developers. :frowning:

It’s not until over a million polygons that Blender starts to choke, at least in my experience. Are you over that number?