Virgin America looking for OS games!

Go to and look for their post called
Xeni kicks the tech tires on Virgin America.

Apparently they want OS games for their in-flight games, and they’re sending out invitations. Need I say more?

Wow I guess we have to dust off those keyboards and start programming for Virgin America. And they will be sure to get heaps of OS games for their plane. I say it’s good some corporations continue to go for alternative software.

iirc thats not exactly new news, but yeah, cool of them to do so. :slight_smile:

Dude that’s the best news since man walked on the moon. Cor where have you been ? In Estonia ? Oh wait you are there.

interesting then that, if im here in e-stonia i heard of this news earlier(a lot) and I’m not saying its bad news, you can re-read my post… :wink: