Virgin Modeller

This is my 1st model. What do you think?

Full Size Image:

Background Info: I have no experience in 3d modelling, but I love the process. I went from, one month ago not knowing what the middle mouse wheel did to the above.

Tutorials Used:
CG Cookie 2010 Modelling Series

Troubled Areas:
Ear. Don’t be fooled but her smoothness. The inner ear connection looks like a tangled heap of broken dreams.
Feet. They just look bad.

Anyways, I haven’t named her yet. Anyone wanna help?

Damn, had this little hope that you would just be some guy modellin virgins…

Just kiddin’ mate.

Pretty freakin good for a first model, but could take some improvements.
Some of the facial proportions are a bit off, search “Perfect Female Proportions” on google images and you can see some general plans of better proportions.

Why use polygon hair? Why not particles? Seems a bit strange with suck a high poly model.

Still, an excellent first model indeed. 4.5/5 talent stars.

Thanks. I tried particles and not only did they take 100x longer to render (maybe I’m exaggerating), but I didn’t like the look of it. Also, I figured the physics of poly hair will be easier in animations I use.

In the future I hope to use particles, but I’m just not quite comfortable with it yet. Any advice of particle hair?

Also-- about the feminization of the face-- is her nose protruding too much? Is the length of her face (in between eyes and mouth) too great?

Thanks for the critique! The more you tear it apart the better!

And BTW nice idea about the virgin modelers, but I’d think it’d be a lot funner to model a non virgin…

Literally the first example off google images. Maybe a nice render straight from the front? Would help a bit to see proportions (also, change lens angle to something like 60. That is more realistic for the human eye).

Remember these basic rules:

  1. The points of the lips always end directly under the pupils resting position.
  2. Each eye is 1/5 the width of the face from the front.
  3. The eyes must be exactly half way up the head.
  4. The chin should never end directly down from the base of the mouth. Always has to protude, even if that protrusion is only very tiny.

Keap to those rules (atleast, those I think are the important ones to cover right now for this model) but don’t not break them. By this I mean that these are rules that should not be ignored, but broken a little bit. If every single rule was followed every single time then every face would be exactly the same. A bit of randomization always helps.

Here’s a link to a tutorial for making an ear.
There are some handy tips for modeling in general in the main tutorial.

BTW, I think that’s a good start for your first model. Keen observation is more important than knowing exactly what tools do what. Use references and learn proportions, these things will take you a long way.

Awesome advice guys! I’ll tweak her in a bit.

=“Literally the first example off google images.”

Not on mine. Google Images is based on individual’s search history and differs from person to person. I’d show you my first example, but I don’t think this forum would appreciate this girl’s “proportions.” I couldn’t actually find the girl you showed on my google image search so I’m glad you shared.

But yeah thanks again for the input!