Virtual Art Gallery

Ok, so I’m not really interested in making an actual game, just an online art gallery…

I want visitors to my website to be able to walk through a corridor in a ‘virtual art gallery’, restricted only by gravity, the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. I want them to be able to turn to inspect artwork on the walls, and maybe click on the artwork to get more info on it.

I know the blender game engine can accomplish this, but I’ve never used it before, any suggestions from anyone?

yeah, u should start with the walkthrought_template on the site in the tuts section, u’ll have a basic FPS camera with mouselook.
if it’s for the web, keep low on the texture usage, maybe use of radiosity could be good but i think it’s a pain to use :o


I foresee a problem…

If I have to keep low on the textures and each painting in the gallery requires a texture…

How big a problem is texture usage?

I mean, obviously, each image has to be loaded, but a gallery without textures is kind of pointless…

if the texture is over 512x512 it would take longer time to Load the game.

So, what if there were 20 textures, each 512x512?

Technically, each texture would be a painting in the gallery.

I plan to have about 20 paintings in the gallery…

And how long are we talking here, anyway? minutes? seconds?

Does ayone have a good way of estimating? I’m assuming that your 512x512 refference is for 72 ppi images, correct?

hmm, i dont think it would take minutes.

hmm couldnt when you click on it open up a hyper link?

As long as there isn’t super complicated meshes, you won’t have a problem with textures. You could even go as far to use 1024x1024 textures and i’m sure it’d work fine. I’ve never had slowdowns or slow load times due to textures.