Virtual Imai (Beta)

Virtual Imai Is a Giga-pet Style Game Made With Blender Where You Only Use The Mouse!

its still in beta now but soon will be fully released
were he has health and can age in real-time

i made this because my sister spilled water on her key board
and now she can only use the mouse. XD


Screen Shot (lol yes, only one XD),

Cronix Animationz© Inc.


you need to fix the link:yes:

haha! how the hell did that happen? XD

Thats pretty messed up…

lol it worked? i couldn’t get it to work on my other comp but thats must be because its windows 98 XD
YESS!! lol and i know it is XD

oh, and what windows are you running?

lol haha the game is so freaky that you had to change the wording of your post XD

was it running fast or slow? :stuck_out_tongue:

screenshots please?

i can’t add screen shots yet because theres only one screen XD lol

but when it gets bigger i will =P

Aww cmon…just the one screenshot then? :smiley:

lol well only because you all want it XD i’ll update the main post =P

oh and 200 points to whoever knows who that is(the floating face) and can give me his last name XD lol

a heroin, and i cookie o: