Virtual Magic Box

My first attempt in steampunk art (modeling / rendering with Blender 2.49b) :


Another attempt of realistic image (modeling / rendering with Blender 2.49b) :


You might want to try Luxrender a go if you’re looking for photorealistic. I don’t know how to explain, but results are more… well, photorealistic. :slight_smile:

First image is just not right. Textures, and all that. Handle lacks shine, wood lacks bump map, padlock is just completely wrong. (If you wanted photorealistic, that is, because otherwise it would pass just fine as an illustration.)

On the box, you might try mirror turned on on wood material, as well as on the handle. Bump up the specularity on the handle as well, especially hardness. The rusted metal frames could use a bit of specularity as well, but with a specular map so that it doesn’t shine where rust has eaten it away. Also, try tangent shading on brass parts. Sometimes it just looks right with the right specularity settings.

The second image is also a bit weird. The rings looks like it’s pasted into the image wiht a bit of faked shadow.

For instance, the paper could use a bit of indirect light from the ring. The inside of the ring just shines, and doesn’t seem like it has any reflection from the book. I don’t know exactly how you’d achieve that, but I’m guessing a very rough, and very subtle reflection (mirror turned on with fairly low glossy param, and low reflection param). Indirect lighting is hard to simulate in Blender’s internal renderer, or at least I don’t know how to do it properly. So, personally, I’d bet on another renderer like Yafaray or Lux. Both work just fine with 2.49b.

Anyway, photorealistic is hard to achieve, and it involves lots of experimentation. If you don’t go down that road, you can do a pretty good job. If you didn’t say ‘photorealistic’ there, I’d have given these 4 or 5 stars. :slight_smile:

In part 2 of the high rise building tutorial Andrew shows how to fake indirect lighting somewhat…