Virtual Production - The Mandalorian

Pretty exciting to see the ‘end’ of the green screen era in sight. Must be incredibly expensive to create this whole setup. But maybe cheaper overall with production speed ups?

I really want some viable way for indie teams to use this stuff. It seems to me it would be about $10k for the minimum amount of panels required. That already puts it out of the range of most individuals’ budgets.

Probably much cheaper to just buy a mocap suit and combine that with a Vive headset. That way all the actors could be in character(literally)! And you can retain all the benefits of using a game engine. Just need a good way to track face features.


!!! This is probably the future of indie production haha. Can’t wait for Blender’s VR features. We should definitely be planning on making tools like this!

This is exactly what I’m talking about! So with the recent situation that we are experiencing, it would seem Hollywood is being forced to come up with quicker and better solutions. Even actor/actresses mocap data in their own “studio” in their houses, sending that data to the team, and etc., etc.
I also like the idea of using something like the VIVE(already being done) and or Quest via the sidequest or whatever(yes you can stream wirelessly from Sidequest)>
My next thing to ak would be, how if at all, would we mocap for face? I’m sure there’s something in the Blender world that could utilize the POWER of Blender to process, fix etc mocap data, for proper animation? Has to be!