Virtual Reality - Artwork brought to life in 3D

This render is based on one of the great artworks by Sandro Rybak Artworks (Thanks Sandro!).
Everything done in Blender.
The original artwork has no title, the title “Virtual Reality” is a name I came up with for my render.

Link to the original:

Link to the artists Facebook-Page:

Software: Blender
Rendertime: 4 hours

Stunning. Great piece, great style. Congratulations!

wow great image, it actually reminded me those classic freaky pictures u see in some horror movies and games.

Indeed I felt some weird feeling when I saw the image, uncomfortable, it is just so weird.

But the render itself it is amazing, great atmosphere. Great usage of textures (for example you could have added a floor with lots of definition but u didnt, superb. I know I probably would have made that mistake), and the final composition is just perfect.

Gonna be surprised if this doesnt go to toprow

Thank you for your kind words!
I’m glad you like it, although I feel that Sandro deserves most of the praise.

It makes me really happy to hear that the render is able to move someones feelings this way!

The compositing of the final image took me the longest and resulted in a waaay to big nodetree.

So good! Great composition! Definetly providing some bedtime scares.


I used 5 spotlights and 3 pointlights to kinda get the look I wanted.
Managing 8 lights was a really hard thing to do…

But still, I could’t manage to get the background exactly as I wanted.
So I rendered 3 Layers, background, midground and foreground and edited the background seperately from the rest and put all layers back together after that.

Then I colorcorrected the render and put some photoeffects on top of it.

this one is a cool work for me, you translate a old picture on 3d, this is great sir, congrats!

Virtual reality is in all time high. I`m actually reading a fictional book about the topic, cool to see the theme depicted in 3D illustration.

The translation from 2D to 3D here is well executed.

Thank you!
To the original being an old picture: It actually isn’t.
Maybe I should have posted another link to the facebookpage of Sandro (Hope this doesn’t count as advertising o.O ):

Thanks! Happy to hear that!

This transferred really well to 3D. I think they both are great standalone pieces. If the title didn’t say “virtual Reality” I wouldn’t gather that from just the image alone. But just looking at it makes me want to stare, and figure out what that thing is, and why is it glowing so much? I like it!

I’m glad you like it!

The original artwork has no title, according to Sandro.
“Virtual Reality” is a name I came up while modelling and setting up the scene. I had to interpret the scene somehow and thought that this might be a rather interesting interpretation of Sandros artwork.

This is a great piece. Very intriguing! Great job!

waw i like it it,s awesome