Virtual "realm"

I was today looking troughth this GE stuff for first tim really. And was wondering how hard would it be to create system where one can just walk around (on stairs / slopes too) or on open ground (hills etc)… I myself dont understand a bit about GE or Python, but i would love to try some level modelling in form of “walkaround” levels… If anyone know working base for this or might even concider making one… or anything… tell me… :S

Oh and i am not looking for anything fancy… just logics to allow me walk around the “scenery”.

Hey, i wouldn’t mind, I personally think game levels are the EASIEST things to model in blender… especially hills and houses, because with hills you get the porportional moddeling tool, and for houses you just use squares and easy shapes. I would make one with you or whatever you wanna do. =D

Really and Truly, that would probably be the easiest thing you could make. The stuff that’s hard is AI. Just start by modeling the scenery and we’ll walk you through from there (no pun intended). Just make sure you keep your polys lower than you would for a render.:slight_smile:

As in the other tread it seems i have the “engine” i need… it could just use little simplening (removal of the gun)… I wonder how that could be done. Anyone who knows how to do that? kind enought to do it for me? :S (i am afraid i’ll just mess the whole thing if i touch the logics) <- there the “my” version of it.

just select the gun and push “X”

here it is, oto’s version without gun

Hey thanks fisicomolon… :slight_smile: Gives me something to play with… for end of this year… (which is about 3½ hours away)

Alas, here in Middle Earth, I am still in the 4th age (for about 1200 more years).

Wow, Turin’s very…

He has an non understandable passion for middle earth.

People are going to say I sound like a broken record, but try setting the friction on the ground to 100%. This will make it easier to navigate the landscape, allowing you to climb hills etc and come to a full stop quickly.

Just play around with Motion actuators, I’m sure you’ll figure out how it works.
And don’t worry PlantPerson, your “mud pie” quote sounds like more of a broken record than the 100% friction does in this thread.

…get used to it…

That’s not my fault!

i’m not sure if this is what you want but its a controllable camera- just use the set up for your walkthrough

another option is to use blender 2 crystalspace- it defaults to a walkthrough, out of the proverbial box. plus, you get the bonus of a smoother graphics engine, allowing more polys and such.