Virtual reconstruction of Forum of Nerva Sec. X A.D

Hello! I’m new on this community and this is my latest work: virtual reconstruction of the Forum of Nerva in Rome in the 10th century. A.D. The model was created based on the illustration of the INKLINK Studio in Florence. What do you think?

Created on Blender 2.92 - Cycles 400 samples with OPTIX denoising and color correction in Blender compositor.


This is the original illustration


Very nice work, perhaps a bit dark in places so it’s hard to make out some details? I’d love to see a clay render too :slight_smile:

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I love historical reconstructions in Blender. This is very well done - how did you model the scene? Did you work just off that one drawing? Your textures are excellent - I love how worn the walls look. Great work!

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Hi Thomas!
Thank you for appreciation. I try to explain why my English is very basic!!
I used the drawing and some photographic references that I found on the web and in the forum plan. For the proportion of the elements I tried to intuitively derive it by observing the proportions of the elements in the photos and in the plan.
Modeling: My philosophy is: “If you have a good image texture you are halfway there”. I looked for scanned models for the columns, statues and friezes. I baked the texture and map and retopologized the elements in simple shapes (the columns are simple cylinders without grooves).
The frieze meshes I made with the knife tool.
I modeled the rest of the scene, except for the characters that I only rigged them.
The rest of the textures are done with Photoshop and texture paintg in Blender. The texture maps are made with “Materialize” and “Crazy Bump”.
I created the vegetation with the “Gemoetry node” while the ground base I created in part in Photoshop and plant texture in Blender (I made the puddles only with the specular map.
Air effect, mist, light bloom and color correction is created in Blender Compositor.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart, I am very proud to see my work among so many beautiful works! Tank you very much

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