"Virtual" Studio Proposal


I have been trying to run a small home studio business and it is registered but it is quite a challenge doing it alone especially with the “big fishes” in the creative design industry. I am based in South Africa and this industry, especially the animation industry is short on skills.

I work full time (in accounting/finance field) but my desire is to go full time into the creative industry doing illustration/graphic/website/logo design and perhaps advertising.

So since the costs are high to rent a property and hire employees and all sorts of costs that go with an company,
I would like to propose to anybody who would be interested in trying to run such a business via the internet.
I believe that the world has changed and advanced in terms of communication and people dont necessarily have to be confined to an office in order effecting of work transactions that run a business. This can be done even when people live in different parts of the world.

Of course this requires committment and honesty.

I would like to invite those who would like to try working from whereever they are to write me (please reply using the privatemessaging mode) and tell me what they think of this.

We can discuss and see how we can make plans on how to get jobs, how to make transactions and what methods to use for payments transfers, what skills we would need.

This is an initial stage and so the sooner we get going WITH suggestions the better our chances of starting on a path to truly making working from home a successfull reality.

To freedom!

I think if you plan to be the boss, you really need to be the ‘Boss’.

I know you need to start small.

  • First, have a list of freelancers you know and have been working with.
  • Understand their skill and rates.
  • Get a job, and divide this between those freelancers.
  • Those freelancers finish their portion, and you finish yours.
  • Charge the client and then pay everyone.

But there need to be security. You might need to ask your client for 50% or 25% based on the amount work done, since you might need to do the same to those freelancers too (giving 25% first of their portion).

Once you’ve been doing this for a while only then you can start a virtual studio. You can’t just jump in and want to become a clueless, financial-less, risk-less, and just be the middleman between client and your virtual “employees”.

For that you are better of set up those freelancing websites where you just take your portion. You know, like those websites for coding freelancing and all…

Hi Cheed!

I may be interested.
I work as an architect in Portugal, and i’m looking for some work as 3d modeller, and/or designer.
Specially if it’s free lance.

What are your plans?


Bruno Salgueiro

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I have a full creative team that will take on contract work when you need it.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Thank you.