Virtual Visit General Hospital of Ciudad Real (Spain)

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Medium Quality - DivX - 45 Mb

High Quality - DVD (Mpeg2) - 194 Mb

We've uploaded the lastest version of the virtual visit at the General Hospital of Ciudad Real (Spain). This work, co-financied by various institutions, was totally made with Blender (even the video composition), under GNU/Linux.

The render was made with Ambient Occlusion. We used a modified version of Oscar (with Ganglia Cluster) to render the scenes… I can’t remember the exact number of computers used in rendering, but at least, there were 60 Pentium IV with 1 GB RAM. The total render time (using this machines) was less than 1 week.

Do you like it? :slight_smile:

The web page of the project is:

See you and happy blending!

Nice work. Impressive hardware setup.

I like the basic feel to it. Keeps it simple and straightforward.

You even have Jesus working in your team… what more do you need?

=> Do you like it?



Serriously, this is incredible stunning work. The presentation is excellent as is the narration (yea, I speak some spannish. I do understand better than speak it though :P)

The walkthrough is thourough and gives a great visualisation of the hospital

The 3d style is the classic architectural render type but works perfectly. I love the little add on like the helicopter and the characters. Brings life to the place.

The grid like effect to show the designated area is very cool and works well too

The camera animation is great too, very fluid and not disorienting for the viewer.

Overall this is a marvelous project . Awesoem work

PS: I watched it on google video so the quality isnt exactly great but still :smiley:

I just watched it, marvelous.
Just one thing, It looks as if the doctor isn’t wearing pants??? :-?

I tried the high quality version and it seems to get stuck at about 38% download - is there a problem with the server?

Ditto what Slepnyrl said… excellent work! Well done and congrats to your team! This is a true tribute to blender’s potential! It should go in the next demo reel (siggraph or whatever…) for sure!

You can lose more than your pants there. :smiley: That’s one big ass hospital. Will there be a lot of customers?

A heck of an amazing video, with all of that 3D rendering! Many props to you and your team.

really nice work, a shame i can’t understand spanish, but it’s really amazing, where did you took the cars ? for the repostory ?

i wish i have this power of rendering, it’s take me all night just for a 10 sec of animation.

P.S. where do i sign to join your team ?

Thank you very much for your comments. If anybody wants to use our rendering cluster for a serious project, please contact us. :wink:

See you and happy blending!