Virtual Whiteboards

I have been looking for a product that will allow a friend and I to write/draw over the internet. I would like to help some friends with Calculus, (so we can both work on the same problem at the same time) If anybody has ever played the game “Inklink” you will probably understand what I am looking for. Since I am using a Mac multiplatform support is a must. I haven’t been able to find anything useful at all though. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough or in the right places. Have any of you guys come across anything like this? Any help at all is appriciated.

Why not both use webcams and write on paper?

Webcams simply don’t offer the clarity that I am looking for, unless perhaps I use a thick black marker. That deffinetly is not the best writing medium for mathamatics, though.

If you were on windows, you could use windows messenger,it has something like that.

Yahoo Messenger has a theme (or what they call imvironments) called doodle that is a real simple version of this! maybe it can help?


There are online Java stuff like groupboard and drawboard (open source but not as easy to get going as groupboard). I rember that Mac too had some Windows compatibility layer (people often call it emulation) like Wine. If you would install one of those there’s an AWESOME but very simple application called OpenCanvas. The 1.1 version of it is in the public domain (I think, if not it’s atleast free of charge).

the old version lets you do that. but I am not sur if it works for mac.

Maybe Eve?

there is a great instant messanging program called bitwise, works on mac windows and linux

there is a virtual whiteboard included

hummm… now you say that… MSN messenger/windows live messenger has a whiteboard.


we use it to post images of our cg work and sketch over it during virtual conferences. its a solid piece of software. (no downloads, all java-web based, and it saves unlimited projects/pages/images all for free)