i found some scripts and changes to it for vlight export.

i am not clear which one works,with which blender and python version.

(the script coming with vlight is outdated.)

i hope someone is interested in this renderer?! :o

is it possible to make scene in blender2.34 and take it to blender2.2 for rendering with vlight


You sure can. You can open any blend file in any version of Blender. Some of the settings may need to be tweaked as a result, but it will open.

I used VLight a few times a while back. It was a decent renderer for sure. Not sure if anyone is updating the export script for it or not though. You may want to check with Dotblend. He was a big user of VLight and I think he wrote one of the export scripts. Also, did VLight not come with a Blender export script packaged with it? I thought that it did.


hi ,

 i opened blender2.34 file in blender2.2(python2.0).the export script bundled with vlight works.thanks!!

but,all objects have to be uv mapped in face select mode.i want to use for architectural rendering ,for which planar/cube..mapping is enough.but unfortunately this is not exported.

3ds2vib  utility also works very well(converts texmapping too)

for skylight rendering virtualight is very fast.(exterior)

for interior if output in .hdr format is taken ,it can be further edited with exposure in anyhdreditor etc(very flexible)—for this low bounces will do.

how to contact Dotblend?