I wanted to play a little bit with VirtualLight.

For the first scene I created a small scene with a cube and some lights and exported it. I rendered it with VitualLight and it was not good, but it works.

After this first test I exported my chess scene and tried to render it with VirtualLight. VirtualLight parsed the files and rendered the scene, but I got only a black image. I looked into the files and the light were defined.

Has anyone an idea what’s wrong here? Is there something you have pay attention to?

Try turning up the value for the lights.

It didn’t help.

The picture is still black.

I solved my problem.

I used an empty with the track to method to align the camera. This is not supported by the script.

After I deleted the empty the camera was aligned straight down, so it looks in the dark nothing.

If I align the camera manually it works.

How do you make to actually export your scene to Virtualight?

I already have Blender 2.23, Phyton 2.22, Windows ME and Virtualight… but the export script allways fail, even on the simplyest scene. :x

Is there an error message in dos box from blender?

You have to set the correct path for python or, as i did, you have to copy the required .py files to the blender directory. everytime you start the script you get an error message which part of python is missing, then copy this to the blender directory (i am using python 2.01).

The script i have from:

give me some more information, maybe i can help you.