(Virtually) entirely procedural skin texture + eyes

I was pleased with the results on this one, only one spec map texture apart from the procedurals and vertex painting:



Wow, I really like that skin texture, but the whote part of the eye texture looks a bit weird to me. And I’ve really never seen someone with orange eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Skin texture itself looks pretty nice. Very well done.

Only thing buggin me was the white part of eyeball, that voronoi texture really does not look anything near small blood veins. Valiant effort none the less.

What’s the point of doing it procedurally again? It’s quite good and all, but you can never reach the same quality as a proper Image texture will give you.

It looks good, however you should still incorporate textures… they definately spice up your image, and make it look great…

How did you make the pores? Bump map? What texture? Musgrave?

Nice skin, some of the best i’ve seen around here, the black eyebrows could be fixed up a little.

Well, the texture is stretched to hell all over the place, the model is quite low poly and there are visible edges, the eyebrows look like you did them in post processing or just painted them on, and the texture… it looks…fine. Nice start? I find it odd that you chose to showcase your texture yet didn’t do a good job of texturing that model. Put it on something else and perhaps we’ll see, but it doesn’t look good at the moment.

Nice start.

Keep it up.

Thanks for the replies.

The eyes are orange cause I didn’t want them to look normal.

The advantage of a procedural texture is that if you do 20 people with different face topologies you can apply it easily to all.

The face is a little low poly because it is for use in a large animation project and I don’t have a renderfarm.

The pores are stucci with wall in selected, then simply bumpmapped.

Any stretching is purely the fault of the x-y-z values I quickly added and can be fixed in seconds (unlike a texture map). Remember procedural textures are 3d so with the right values there should be no stretching (unless the mesh is deformed, but unless human beings have evolved in the last 10 mins skin also has to stretch)

Admittedly the crackle veins don’t work, I had circular blend that was designed to fade them at the centre but it never kicked in right.

The extreme close up on this one was merely for the sake of the texture, at the resolutions I will finally render at the edges are not apparant (I’m only on Sub-surf level 1 anyway, so could crank that up.

I applogise for the T-shirt material, but it looks good from any larger distance.

There, hope that has answered all questions, although the inconvinience of putting up pictures for me at the moment means there will probably not be any updates.