Virus found in Gamedeployer Compression!!!!!

(trevs) #1

On downloading Gamedeployer 1.2 and trying to use it, my Sophos AntiVirus found the “Trojan Virus Nota in module Rapidq32.lib”

Be warned!!!

(jrt) #2


I scanned it with Norton but it didn’t find anything.


(S_W) #3

:o :o :o What!!!??
The Rapid-Q compiler has a virus??? Are you sure that you aren’t wrong?
My virus scanner is up to date and it didn’t find a virus, I checked the file right now.

Please check it again before you accuse the program!

BTW: I’m downloading your virus scanner right now and I’m going to test the file, too.

(S_W) #4

I checked the file with Sophos AntiVirus and it didn’t find anything!
Please don’t accuse a program before you aren’t really sure!
It’s ok when you ask others to check the file as well, but not if you simply affirm that it includes a virus!

(trevs) #5


Every time I try to run Gamedeployer, Sophos comes up with the virus warning in rapidq32.lib. I am doing this at my work. As we are on a network of at least 200 nodes our Sophos Anti-virus software is updated twice a day. Also my network administrator has informed me that Sophos has flagged up the virus on his machine. I have had to do a complete virus sweep on all machines in my department, therefore we were down for three hours.
I am not accusing anybody, just warning people what happened to me and my department.


(S_W) #6

:o :-? :o But why doesn’t my scanner cry when I check this file? I updated the scanner as well and even used the virus scanner you use…
I think it’s impossible that this file contains a real virus, because this is a file belonging to the Rapid-Q compiler. The compiler has a big user community and I’ve never heard of a problem like yours from one of them.
Perhaps it’s something like a compatibility problem with the network? :-?

(joecool) #7

I never had a problem with it. But if my hd crashes for no apparent reason, I’ll be happy to blame it on you :stuck_out_tongue:

(S_W) #8

Oh, no problem! I’m always glad to help others :wink: