Virus Help FAST!

i got a huge problem. Just a few minuites ago i came to my pc to see that Norton has scanned 49 viruses!
They include:

  1. Trojan Horse
  2. Trojan.Horst
  3. Infostealer.gampass
  4. W32.DSS.Trojan
  5. Trojan.Fakeavalert
  6. W32.Spybot.Worm

I need help quick on how to get these away!!


Doesn’t Norton handle that?

If it doesn’t, and you need to do it manually, it’s not going to be a quick fix.

hold up, i mightve gotten them from downloading keygens. i heard somewhere that norton sees a keygen as a trojan?

Plenty of scanners treat them that way when they do not have a virus attached to them, although most keygens you find on the net will slaughter your computer. Speaking of which, don’t mention illegal keygens on a public forum. You’re only asking for trouble.

yes, i know but i just…well a warning on a forum is not nearly as much to sacrifice as my pc! but anyway, ive had these viruses for about 3 weeks though…what does that mean?

Norton has its problems. Personally I don’t use it. You may wish to try AVG. No big deal though, once your anti virus software has identified a virus (or many) you should be able to isolate them for inspection without deleting them first. Believe it or not, a friend’s computer I cleaned had around 70 viruses and spybots on it. It got so bad that it took about 3 seconds to register a key stroke. It took about a half of a day to clean up. The hardest part is to insure that your registry (windows) is clear.

Good luck…

The best way to clear the viruses is to reinstall windows. With 49 viruses, you have quite an infection. Norton should be able to quarantine and remove the files, but it may not get all of them. Staying away from keygens and other such programs is really the best way to protect yourself.

Another thing you may wish to consider is to boot up in safe mode and do a system restore to a date prior to problems.

IMO Norton and all Symantec stuff is a huge truckload of crap. Slows the system, causes instability and isnt really good in finding viruses and as sebbo said… warez, own fault.

@pixelmass: thats useless… if i virus gets fooled by that its a kiddo coded virus doing no harm at all ^^

However, download Knoppicilin or Stinger.
Knoppicilin is a live linux with virus removal
Stinger is a Trojan/Worm remover from McAfee

But with 49 infections its better to wipe the hdd. Its faster than to do a deepscan. and due to the fact you suspect keygens (which btw. are perfectly legal if you own a license and the company cant supply you with a new key in the case you lost yours… so like 0.1% of all software around ^^) you need to scan within archives too. and then the scanner would run for days.

Probably so, but something to try before wiping your HDD (s). It’s not going to hurt anything.

lol. i havent gotten around to backing up my pc yet…reinstall is not an option

replace your pc

It means you’ve probably been sending out a lot of spam, been part of a botnet, had your hard-drives scanned for credit card-like numbers in files, been seeing a lot of popups lately or all of the above.

hold up, i mightve gotten them from downloading keygens. i heard somewhere that norton sees a keygen as a trojan?

Well, many keygens might have trojans in them…

Knoppicilin is a live linux with virus removal

Second vote for booting into linux to remove them. The viruses have admin permissions on your computer, which is why it can be difficult to get them off. Boot into another OS and there is no way they can run while you delete them.

software problem != hardware problem. getting a new computer for the sake of a software problem is OTT.

Do not leave backups to the last minute. HDDs do not fail gracefully, and data recovery can be very expensive.