Virus Help

My moms laptop, the one i primarily use blender with,is infected with a virus. we don’t know if this is the virus’s fault or not, but know instead of going to the google homepage, it redirects to the site is about security. also, another thing is that after a while on the net, all the pages that i’m on get 404’d. can someone help:confused:

Does the compie have a System Restore function (that’s its Windows name) or something similar? Use that.

Where would i find that. and does it delete everything?

Go to your Program Menu -> select Accessories -> select System Tools ->select System Restore and follow instructions . And no it doesn’t delete any non OS related files just boots from a previous state of Windows (a kind of time travel for insecure software developers)

If this you use windows xp this is what I would do. First restart your pc in safe mode with networking. To do that go to the windows start menu (the menu that pops up when you click on the start button down left on your screen)
Click run
enter “msconfig” (with out the quotations)
This should bring up a window with some tabs click BOOT.INI then select safe boot and
This will change the way windows starts when you reboot, it will only start the minimum number of programs that windows needs to run and connect to the interweb. To get back your normal start up just select normal startup from the general tab in the msconfig window and reboot. You can really screwup the way windows works if you play around with the msconfig settings and don’t know what you did. write it down on paper as you do it. its easy to fix if you know what you changed. once you can do that go to this site.

follow the instructions for House call the online virus and spyware scan. If it gets some hits on your pc follow the instructions for remove. Print them out before you start!
This will take some time might be a few hours. you shoulden’t loose any data.
The best tips I have are, this will take some time you will have to use the search function on your hard drive a few times and reboot often. Keep a pen and paper write down file names and virus names that the scan kicks out also take notes on what you are doing to your pc. that way you can get it running great soon.