Virus protection removing Blender latest build files


Firstly, hope this is the right forum to post this - otherwise appologies.

I have been using the ‘latest builds’ for various things on and off. However, for various reasons, have not done so for a few months.

I have now discovered - having tried a few times over the past week - that as soon as I unzip the latest files my virus protection, Norton, is removing some of the files including
When I was last playing with the test builds last year (November) this was not a problem.

As I had the files still on my harddrive, I just unzziped again a November version of the blender test build, and did not have a problem with the above mentioned files (although it appeats the third file did not exist then).

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Does this imply there is a problem with the test files?

Thanks for any help.

It’s likely Norton being paranoid, I use AVG and I never had a problem with it thinking anything associated with Blender was malicious.

Nothing should’ve changed in those files since November, then again there’s a lot of people out there who would not recommend Norton for anything.

Ace Dragon,

Thanks for your reply.

I never thought of comparing the files. Turns out there is a difference - the November versions used a version of python35.dll created on June where as the latest build versions of Blender (different file size) was created in December.

I also wonder if a similar issue is related to this person’s problem recorded here…

You could well be right - it may well be Norton being paranoid. I realise people have different ideas about virus software - although I personally prefer mine to be a little paranoid. :eyebrowlift:


Also meant to say the latest ‘release’ version works fine - its version of Python35.dll was created in September.