Virus spoofing elysiun's e-mail address

I just changed my email address on elysiun and I received 2 virus emails, one claiming to be from //[email protected] and one from [email protected].

The subject lines were Description and Re: Important. Both contained the netsky virus, and both had the following content:

Approved, here is the document.

+++ X-Attachment-Type: document
+++ X-Attachment-Status: no virus found
+++ Powered by the new MCAfee OnlineAntiVirus
+++ Homepage:


I am really sorry this is happening. Btw, what is the netsky virus?

Also, you should try posting this on “Elysiun Support”.

Don’t worry, just delete it.

I constantly receive “virusses” from people that I’ve been emailing
with before…even those people I’ve not emailed with…but somehow
have me in their adress lists…and those who’re connected to forums
I visit.

It’s a worm…it’s hideus…it grabs every email it can…and bulk-mail
itself around the whole net.

It’s pretty easy to spot those…they usually have 41 K attachments
or less. I get about 3-20 of these EVERY day,…either from people
I know…or totally unknown ones…

One thing they all have in common is that most sentences in the
subjects or the first 2 lines makes NO sense whatsoever…like

From: [email protected]
curriculum nota hidden safe random exceeded pass go 41,1 K

From: [email protected]
safeoven exodus zapped nolander internet codemasters 41,2 K

In other words…random words picked out and created by the worm.
it’s the programmers strategy for making sentences that makes no sense
just about enough to bypass any filter…and make innocent strangers
curious enough to open the attachments.

Simply - don’t open - ever!


You still didn’t tell me what the netsky virus was.

probably spoofed as many other spam mails…or worms,viruses…

Moving to off topic, changing title to something with less caps and exclamations.

E-mails address are always spoofed by viruses, spammers and whatnot, don’t panic and don’t e-mail the suposed sender telling him he’s infected.


Symantec SecurityResponse - very good site for finding out what virii do.

This one looks through your HDD for all kinds of files and searches them for email addresses - then uses two of them when sending, one for the To and one for the From. isn’t even an email address at all, it’s the logon for the cvs server :wink: NetSky must have found someone’s cvs script or instructions or whatever…

+++ X-Attachment-Type: document
+++ X-Attachment-Status: no virus found
+++ Powered by the new MCAfee OnlineAntiVirus
+++ Homepage:

Ha. Don’t trust that, the virus can add that to the outgoing email as easily as McAfee itself can. And since the virus uses it’s own SMTP engine rather than going through Outlook or whatever (see the securityresponse link) McAfee can’t/won’t do squat about it anyway.

Haha - Us Mac and Linux users don’t have to deal with that type of crap :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to the subject though - When I was using my Windows machine (before my FP iMac) I got several of those emails with those exact contents, but with different subjects and senders.

While you can’t be affected, I’m pretty sure virus doesn’t check the OS of the recipient before sending a copy, so it might be just as annoying to you as it is to a windows user not using outlook.


look virus’s aint cool i should no i make them (too make it clear i am never gonna go evil on the world with my hacking techniques) get a virus scan on your computer if your infected and if u have ever had a virus wich is made by me im terribly sorry i once use too be a *l33t * hacker but i aint now ok.

I got 13 e-mails like that in 1 day! :o