Virus warning! Old blender tut now leads to virus.

I’m working on a new project and I remembered an old tutorial called “Make an exploding star in space” for blender that yers ago worked. I recently tried to find it again and found links, but they all lead to links that were out to install malware.

Just warning people about this, i can’t find the tutorial, but I have found at least two virus links. Beware.

Use Linux. Enjoy life.

Ya Linux is very useful and simple too. You can have Ubuntu as a best option or there are many Linux OS available in the market.

The two words which should never go together.

In general, you could consider revising this statement. Things have changed a lot.
Closer to the subject - burn any Linux live CD (i would recommend any Knoppix based- seems to best support exotic hardware) and go for such a hunt by booting PC from it. Trophies can be saved on USB stick which can be checked online or later on.

If I had one euro each time a windoom antivirus falsely reported a virus, I would be be a billionaire by now.

About linux, well when I bought my new pc at work, if you exclude the fact that it could not see my ethernet (windoom 7 also needed drivers to see it) and I had to fetch and compile drivers for it, the rest have worked like a charm with zero problems so far. Ubuntu 13.10 and it boots lighting fast.

At home I have a 7 year old iMac I may replace at some point and getting an ubuntu pc is a very good candidate. Though I would also love a new 27’’ iMac.

Compared to a decade ago that linux was a pain in the butt to set up and use, nowdays, you just install alongside windows with its own partition and its ready to go. So yeah my vote goes to linux most certainly.