this is a graphic I did some months ago. I was afraid that I did it for the trash can but it’s finally in use now :D.

This is a link to the article (it’s in German):



I don’t want to abuse you any way but the mesh of the virus sucks really hard :confused:

Well, kroopson, that was the most unconstructive crit I have ever heard. [sarcasim] next time try to be a little bit MORE obnoxious [/obnoxious]

While I dont really ‘get’ the text on the left hand side, I think the only thing that really needs much work on this peice is the virus skin material. It looks very procedural. Maybe try adding a larger cloud texture in addition to the one you have now in attempt to make the texture vary a littlemore.


…wait - I can explain it… aargh! :smiley: I guess you’re right, the virus mesh is veeery simple. That’s because I started to build it for a very small resolution and suddenly, it should be used for a higher resolution and there was no time to rebuild it.

dante, I altered the texture a bit - I think it’s better now.

Anything preceded by “I don’t want to ____ but…” is typically a crock of s**t.

"I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I think your face looks like a pile of donkey crap. "

If you’re going to be rude, why preface if with a disclaimer?

I also think i’ve seen that lock mesh somewhere else before…

d_m :-?

You seem to have done quite a bit of work on this project thoro - I think I remember a couple of other threads including GIFs / animations along similar themes.

nice to see Blender work appearing in the public domain.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

digital_me: Right you are. Due to continuous lack of time (and to get the effect of brand recognition ;)), I’m often constrained to reuse my meshes.

I used the virus in this animation:
and this little teaser thumbnail (that’s what I initially made it for):

The lock also appeared in this animation:

GCat: Thank you!

I actually like its simplicity.
To many people are focusing on complex high detailed projects that never get finished, and they end up posting just a fancy looking mesh, or some half done potrait.

It has great color. clean organised render, and the picture says somthing!

Good Job