VIRUSBYTE FPS Demo download and WIP



I made this FPS using Socials template and Piichan’s level generator,


The basic idea is to wipe out all the “BYTES” or red orbs in a certain amount of time, one minute par say? :),

That Demo doesn’t have the timer included, but I have already made it, I just have to make it so when it reaches a certain time to restart the scene.

made the Ai myself :eyebrowlift2:

Curent Things that Must be fixed

Mouse should disapear after hitting start

Timer should restart level when reaching 60 seconds

Current features in Game



Mini map

All Fps functions

level generator

Broken link? I get a page saying “Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested is not available.”

odd, let me check it out,

mirror, try this,

Mirror, try this out!

No responses? has anyone tried the new link ^ ( above post)

Mini map added:


Few people will download without a screenshot, which the good news now is that you did.

Looks fun, I’ll be following this project.

Yeah I realized that, I had trouble getting it though because the regular screenshot key wasnt working and I had to use fraps,

I’ll make a trailer also, and add more screens as I go along.

Just use the printscreen key, it comes standard on every keyboard, can’t you just use that?

yeah, that’s what I meant, the print screen key isnt working for some reason :o

but fraps is ok, so I wont go mulling over it :rolleyes:

You should swap out the gun model with some weird sci-fi looking gun and maybe have the “bytes” be like glowing red orbs with binary code floating around them or something. It looks a little armature to use cubes :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that I love the idea and the levels look cool!

Keep it up :slight_smile: If you want I could try and make you a model for the bytes. I’m an artist and I’m not in a project right now so just ask and I can do some modeling for you :smiley:

Yeah I was thinking about switching the gun out for some thing else, I’ll need a second opinion on that,:rolleyes:

As for the Bytes, if you could make a nice looking model Id be glad to add it, of course, theres not much I can offer in return except the expierience and your name in the credits,:smiley:

I agree with Darwisch, the bytes need to be replaced. But since this is a WIP, I’m assuming that’s coming later.
Good work with what you have so far!

Ya I figured you wouldn’t have anything to offer :smiley: It’s not problem I’ll get back to you once I have something.

Cool, Remind me to return the favor though :eyebrowlift2:

Any way, any other feautures people should think I should add?

I will release the next version of the demo soon, with all the new features except the title screen, as it is causing a few bugs,

Ok, here is what I came up with. If you don’t like it just tell me what I should change it to and I will :slight_smile: You never really told me what you wanted it to look like so this is just off the top of my head. The code rotates around the orb and the orb pulses (a simple size ipo)

Awesome!, could you send me the blend? Its great!

Well there’s just a couple things I want to do now that I know it will work. First off is it supposed to have dynamics? Like gravity? If you want it to have that then I’ll setup a bounding box before sending it over.