.vis / .visual file format

I was wondering if anyone knows --ANYTHING-- about this format. I believe that 3d studio max can export to this format, I was wondering if blender can or if maybe .vis or .visual is some “cool” way of saying some other not as intense format (like you know, a way of saying raw triangle data or whatever)… I would like to export .vis or .visual file format from blender… Plug in search did no good, any hints would be most appreciated!

By the way, if it helps, the .visual format is for a model viewer application that is 3rd party non-free proprietary blahblahblah software. =]


I believe 3d Studio files are labeled .viz. Blender doesn’t handle .vis files, and likely won’t since it’s a proprietary fromat, so you’ll probably need to find a suitable translator such as obj. To find a list click on file and select export.