Visibility help please


I’ve got 60 balls in an animation that I’d like to hide until they suddenly ‘pop-up’ on the screen.

I’m using 2.53 Beta but can’t work out the procedure.

Any advice for a newby please?



Under render ( camera button) under layers, under scene , Click layer the balls are on( put them on a different layer then the scene ( m key)) . Hold cursor over layer buttons and hit I key ( they should turn yellow) go to Graph editor … select layer with balls, on left…control click on zero , on graph…move green line to frame before balls appear …control click zero…on frame balls appear control click one .
I hope I wrote this so it is understandable.
when you slide the green line you should see the transform manipulator appear and go.
In 252 but it should be the same.

@kazinger - Does that actually work in 2.52??

I was just fooling around with this in 2.53 and it allows me to key the visibility of layers, but when scrubbing thru the time line nothing changes in the 3d view. Same thing when rendering, nothing changes. Functionality appears to be missing/broken…


No, it did not work in 252 . I thought it did. but it still works in 2.49 if it helps. I’ll look in 2.52 to see what I did wrong. Sorry bout that… In 2.52 I hit f 12 its there move time line f 12 its gone , but when I render nothing


layer.blend (64.4 KB)layer 249.blend (209 KB)

G’day Kazinger

I tried your suggestion, but it didn’t work. When I moved the green line, everything appeared in the graph, but the balls did not disappear.



kazinger’s suggestion is the best way to do what you want to do. It just appears to be a broken/missing functionality at the moment…