Visibility in GE

Well, I am makeing this game and i maid part of the terrain for it… Terrain was maid out of one plane. Well my problem is that when I start the game my in game camera doesn’t see whole plane but only some of it, the rest just doesn’t exist until camera moves closer to it…
As camera moves foward the more plain is being revealed, also the part of the plane behind the camera is eraseing…
How can I make camera see the whole plane from any spot on the plane?
(This isn’t problem with lights)

you can play with the camera’s Clip End value and Toggle the “ShowLimits” for a visual.

it is called clipping, the camera cannot see like from zero to infinity, but you can increase clipping distance. Select camera, go to object tab I guess and there are all camera settings

hehe, tnx guys it works fine now

if u were able to see to infinity, then you would DEFINATELY need to use a “Level of Detail” script.