Visibility Limit

First, I do not know how to increase the visibility limit so I will be able to see elements that are really small or really far in my model, and at the same time, huge and close objects.

Second, I’d like to know if it’s possible, like in Autocad, to regenerate the model so I could build objects that are at a very larger scale., by zooming out way more.


About your first question: To increase the visibility limit in Blender, click “View Properties” in the View Menu (on the 3D View’s Header) and increase the ClipEnd value. To increase the visibility limit in your renders, select your camera, go to the Edit Buttons (F9), and increase the ClipEnd value there.

About your second question: Just zoom out (Mousewheel down or Ctrl-MiddleMouseButton and move mouse down) and model from that view. Or did you mean making the object you already have larger? To do that, select all the vertices (in Edit Mode of course) with A – they should all be yellow – and press S to scale them up. Hold the Ctrl key while scaling to constrain the scaling to multiples of 0.100.

Hope this helps.