Visibility of unselected, edge-on planes

Is there a way to enhance the visibility of edge-on, 2d planes? When they are unselected, they’re invisible. (And I get that in the rw they would be pretty much invisible, but a UI is not a real world.)

And I don’t want to add any thickness

Other software manages this.

You mean a flat face cant be seen from the side? Yes, that is annoying, i would to know a solution for this too.

shows up in wireframe. thats what I do.


Yup, either wireframe shading or enable the wireframe overlay (which I’d recommend assigning a hotkey to).

I’ve assigned CTRL+w to “Toggle Wireframe”, which may be a very bad idea, being so close to CTRL+q.

Sadly, “w” and “alt+w” were busy (the latter for Box Cutter/HOps).
(Shift+w does something to do with Bending, but I don’t know exactly what.)

For my fellow noobs/alzheimers users: you can either turn on the global wireframe in Overlays, or you can turn on the ViewPort Display option …which apparently is keyframable(!!).