visibility to camera

why is it that when I press P, my model is visible in several views and not visible in the camera view? thanks in advance… here is my .blend…

thanks again!

Well, for one thing the mirror modifier does not work in the game engine. Hit the “Apply” button. And, the normals need to be flipped.

Try adding a new camera. For some reason the old one did not work.

Aslo, your signature can only be 3 lines (I have been told this by moderators, and I ahve seen moderators tell other people this).

thanks… i forgot to apply the mirror modifier but that was already in my mind… thanks also for the info about the signature… i’ll keep that in mind…

uh… i think you should shorten your sig. not keep it in mind :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

Does the empty line count as a line? Oh well, I like the message of that sig so don’t change that part of it.