visibility with nodes

is it possible to animate an object’s visibility with nodes? I guess you’d have to use the time node in some fashion. ?

I’m animating a splash and I only want the secondary splashlettes(?) to appear and disappear at the very end.

You could just animate the alpha of the object using an ipo. This way you don’t have to use nodes. If you do need to use nodes, you could go two ways I guess. 1) Material nodes: Well this one doesn’t have “time” as input. So you will have to create a new input material and animate its alpha using an ipo. Then use the alpha of this material input node as a fake “time input”. Don’t forget to turn the spec of this input mat to zero. 2) using composite nodes. Make two renderlayers, one with the object of interest, the other one without. Then blend the one into the other using a time node connected to a mix node. Does that make sense at all?