Visible and jump?

How I can appear and disappear an object with the same key (I want to make a help menu and show a map). And How can make a Jump same a:


def jump():
jumpkey = cont.getSensor(‘jumpkey’)
if jumpkey.isPositive() and player.postjump > 1.0:
player.applyImpulse(player.getPosition(), [0.0, 0.0, player.jumpstrength])
player.postjump = 0.0

Is possible change a texture with python en real time?


def map():
mapkey = cont.getSensor(‘mapkey’)
if jumpkey.isPositive() and > 1.0:
map.set (visible)


is your help and map on a different scene? if so, it’s really easy. with the button of your choice, you display an overlay scene, then pause the current one. then, in the overlay, have it so that if you push the same button, the previous scene is resumed, and that the current scene is ended. this is all assuming you know how to use the logic bricks. if you’re just doing this to objects, it might help to have boolean variables on the object, so that if the button is pressed while it’s false, the object disappears (and sets the variable true), and then if the button is pressed while it’s true, the object reappears (and sets the variable back to false). about the jump thing: no idea what you’re talking about, sorry. the texture thing might be possible though, if you can use GLSL. i have an old thread about GLSL that’s slowly dying; try asking if GLSL can change textures there.

I found the solution for my problem of visible object :stuck_out_tongue:

the jump is same

Or with logic bricks only as there is a visibility actuator:
have an int property visible

property sensor (no pulse) “visible” equals 0 -> AND-> visibility actuator [invisible]
property sensor (no pulse) “visible” equals 1 -> AND-> visibility actuator [visible]
<any sensor> (e.g. keyboard)-> AND-> property add visible [1-visible]

There is an error is not Add is Asign :o